FacebookAccording to comScore, 1.1 trillion ads – that is not a typo – 1 trillion plus ads, were displayed to U.S. Internet users.

346 billion of those ads where on display to Facebook users. That’s an incredible 31% of the market share on Internet advertisement. Facebook’s numbers are more than Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google combined, representing an incredible number for Facebook to hang their hat on.

The downside to this staggering number is that it only represents impressions, not click through rates or CTR, which is more conducive to lead generation. Facebook’s 2010 CTR was down at 0.05% which is half the industry standard. Compound this with the inflation in cost-per-click dollars in Facebook ads and the business owner will be left lacking results.

Pay-per-click numbers and strategies are a complicated lot and most times better left to the team that works with PPC everyday – that’s us!

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image credit: Laughing Squid on flicker

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