These are 10 great tips published by the Microsoft at Work team that will help you keep your laptop, and its data, secure while you travel the world. Be careful. There’s always someone stalking potential digital victims.

  1. Avoid using computer bags. Computer bags can make it obvious that you’re carrying a laptop. Instead, try toting your laptop in something more common, like a padded briefcase or suitcase.
  2. Use strong passwords, and do not keep them in your laptop bag. Strong passwords that are difficult to break or guess can thwart unauthorized access to individual files and even to the entire operating system.
  3. Encrypt your data. If someone should get your laptop and gain access to your files, encryption can give you another layer of protection.
  4. Use a screen guard. These guards help prevent someone from seeing your screen – even if he or she peeks over your shoulder.
  5. Carry your laptop with you. Always take your laptop on the plane or train rather than checking it with your luggage.
  6. Keep your eye on your laptop. When you go through airport security, don’t lose sight of your bag. Hold your bag until the person in front of you has gone through the screening process.
  7. Avoid setting your laptop on the floor. Putting your laptop on the floor is an easy way to forget or lose track of it as you talk at a ticket counter or order your latte.
  8. Buy a laptop security device or program. If you need to leave your laptop in a room or at your desk, use a laptop security cable to securely attach it to a heavy chair, table, or desk.
  9. Try not to leave your laptop in your hotel room. Too many things have been lost in hotel rooms. These rooms may not be completely secure. If you must leave your laptop in your room, put the “Do not disturb” sign on the door to keep hotel staff out.
  10. Affix your name and contact info to the laptop. Security experts advise that you affix your name and contact information, along with a promise of a “Reward if lost or stolen—no questions asked,” on the computer.

laptop securityimage credit: Microsoft at Work

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