18 Tech Predictions for 2017. Here’s what a handful of executives and analysts see in their crystal balls.

1. We will hear more about how autonomous cars connect to the network.
2. Funding will skew toward artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and
3. Mobile will continue to rise as the primary shopping platform.
4. A shift to social is essential to succeed in the online marketplace.
5. Technology will play a bigger role in food sourcing for restaurants.
6. Business intelligence will be democratized.
7. Freight will cost less as small business supply chains get big business capabilities.
8. Customer service and business transactions over social messaging channels will rise.
9. Music is the next big tech investment.
10. Small businesses will discover opportunities with new generic top-level domains (gTLDs).
11. Personalization will play a greater role in loyalty programs.
12. The construction industry will tap into the Internet of Things (IoT).
13. Consumers will expect more from their online mattress.
14. It will be a warm, but not hot or cold IPO market.
15. Expect to see more focus on smart city investment models.
16. Acquisitions will be the new IPOs.
17. Smart employers will use technology to better engage workers.
18. More people will rely on online reselling for disposable income.

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