Tablet Activities Reveal Users Seek Content - Has Your Company Adjusted Its Strategy?

I have been pouring over the Pew Research Study just released on tablet usage in the U.S. to better understand how we at JASE should adjust ours/our clients marketing strategies. The data collected in the report has been interesting to say the least and more illuminating than I first thought.

Pew revealed that tablet users spend an average of 1 hour and 35 minutes a day on their tablets, but how that time is spent is even more important. On a daily basis, tablet users do the following activities:

  1. 54% Check their email
  2. 53% Get news information
  3. 39% Use social networks
  4. 30% Play games

The first two activities on the list are the most important to us at JASE. As marketers, knowing that over half of tablet users are checking email or getting news information on their tablets is crucial. This lets us know that an e-blast or newsletter is being seen, that our blogs are being read. These tablet statistics also allow us to better define our clients marketing strategies, specifically in the tablet application development arena. We are better suited to counsel our clients to invest their money in a segment that is growing and custom tailored to their needs.

What activities do you do most on your tablet? Leave a Facebook comment below and let us know.

image credit: Pew Research Center


  1. Keith Parnell

    I guess I fit into the “Get News” category. Whether I’m catching up on the news sites or reading blogs in my reader, FlipBoard is the deal!

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  3. Krisz Rokk

    Great blogpost! Thank you for sharing these fact-based numbers. The percentage for checking emails and reading news is astonishing. So is the number for using social media. I guess that will increase over the next months and years. Content is key and thus highly relevant for future marketing strategies. My focus today lies in the ‘Reading News’ category 🙂

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