For Your Social Media Strategies – Remember Facebook is Free

On days like last Thursday when Facebook was having serious reliability issues, remember that it’s a free service. Do you want your business strategies relying solely on free services where you have no control? No, you don’t. A social media … Read More

Friday Dilbert: Taking a Swipe at the Apple iPhone

Social Good Day: You Leave a Comment, We Pay $1 to Stamp Out AIDS

Today we team with Reina Communications, Mashable, (RED), and other Hampton Roads organizations to change the world. JASE will donate $1 to the (RED) organization to help eliminate AIDS in Africa for each comment you leave on this #SocialGood blog … Read More

South Bend Loves Their Pubic Hairs

What do you do when the phone rings and a major client says, “We have a problem, Houston?” Someone in South Bend is probably proud of their pubic hairs. But we are quite sure the intention of the South Bend … Read More

Join Mashable, (RED) & JASE in Celebrating Social Good Day: Social Media for #SocialGood

Social media is such a powerful phenomenon. Social media is people, which means social media is fluid. Social media changes at a whim. And social media can change the world. People, calling ourselves social media, can change the world for … Read More

Newsday iPad App Commercial Upsets Apple

It looks like the folks at Apple got a little upset over this Newsday iPad app commercial. Seems kind of silly but it does fit the culture of Apple. Funny video regardless.

Friday Dilbert: Feedback on New Website Design

One World, One Message, One Brand. JASE Consumes It With You!

Click here to watch the video.

Broadband An “Absolute Necessity” For Small Business

This article is cross-posted on the Broadband for America blog here. Keith Parnell, CEO of JASE Digital Media, is a participating blogger for Broadband for America, regular blogger at and a contributor here in our digital media world. The … Read More

Just Arrived JASE Coffee Mugs & Notebooks

We received our new JASE Digital Media branded coffee mugs and notebooks yesterday afternoon. Order yours from the JASEstore today!

How To Use Twitter to Initiate New Business

When used with a solid business strategy, Twitter can be a leader in generating solid leads and traffic for your organization. For several years now, Twitter has been the leading traffic generator to our blog and website of all of … Read More

Friday Dilbert: Is Your Sales Collateral Prettier than a Skunk Sandwich?

Tired of Being Bored? Want to Work With the Cool Kids? JASE is Hiring!

In the past few weeks we have brought onboard a new Copywriter, a new Art Director and a new Marketing Associate. Our team is growing along with our new, very cool clients. Join us! We are hiring a Director of … Read More

Firefox 3.6.9 is Ready for Download

Mozilla has released version 3.6.9 of their web browser, Firefox. We have downloaded this version and performed preliminary testing; this version seems to be stable. You may download Firefox 3.6.9 here. What’s New in Firefox 3.6.9 Firefox 3.6.9 fixes the … Read More

Pointed Advertising By Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta

The aggressiveness of this campaign is powerful. Love it!