Friday Dilbert: How to Identify a Corporate Whistle-Blower

Why Do People Blog? Why Do Companies Blog?

The age old question – okay, maybe not age old, but Internet 2.0 age old – why should I blog is one we hear all the time. True that blogging is not for everyone but it’s a great way for … Read More

Wondering Why Big Brands Spend Millions on Advertising?

One of the most crucial facets of running a business is marketing, offline marketing initiatives and online marketing initiatives. This is evident in how some of the most notable brands spend immense sums of money to achieve eye-catching and effective … Read More

Friday Dilbert: The Way NOT to Handle Tech Support

It is now 88 followers and I have just been retweeted. Sweet!

Check out this funny parody of a Fox News team that is infatuated with social media. A bit much? What do you think? Funny, nonetheless. Thanks Mike V for the tip on the video.

Want to Dominate Your Market? Strategic Branding Is How

A Strategic Brand Model Helps you identify and capture a dominant market position in your vertical. Increases your marketing reach and consumer penetration. Raises your advertising effectiveness. Our brand model, a direct result of the implementation of our branding strategy … Read More

Wondering How To Establish that Brand Strategy for Your Business?

An effective brand strategy helps you anticipate consumer behavior, differentiate your brand from your competitors on a superior level, and attract loyal customers. The purpose of a brand strategy is to identify and map a plan for the executional development … Read More

Friday Dilbert: Do You Brain-Golf During Meetings?

How to Assemble an Effective Digital Media RFP Team

Recently we attended a pre-proposal meeting recently that our agency was invited to. Without divulging too many details, this city commission asked several regional advertising agencies, marketing agencies, new media agencies and communications firms to participate in their RFP process. … Read More

JASE Project Kick-off Meeting at JDM Creative Studio

Our team is the best! Creative direction. Art direction. Copywriting. Inbound marketing. Branding. Web development. Interactive development. Out of the box thinking. In the box thinking. You name it, we do it in the advertising and marketing world. We do … Read More

JDM Creative Ad Work Featured in Home Search Magazine

JASE creative work for Dragas Companies is featured in the Oct 8 – Oct 21, 2010 Virginian-Pilot Home Search magazine.

Friday Dilbert: Are Your Ad Dollars Going Down a Hole?

JASE supports the City of Norfolk’s Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting

Saturday, October 2, 2010 marked the 24th annual celebration of Arbor Day in Norfolk. Arbor Day represents Norfolk’s commitment to nurture and protect the environment while enabling residents to do the same. Members of the JASE team were proud to … Read More

Throwing Creative Ideas on the Wall to See What Sticks

Creative. Conversations. And. Brainstorming. At. Its. Best. Our creative team has fun and our clients benefit. Here shows our Creative Director and Art Director at the JDM Creative office in Norfolk talking creative concepts, collateral design, web design, ad campaigns … Read More

Friday Dilbert: A Website Focus Group of One