.NET code obfuscation is NOT an issue for web-based applications. Agree?

NET Code Obfuscation :: http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2011/01/19/net-code-obfuscation :: One of the key features of the .NET is that assemblies (a fancy name for DLLs and EXEs) created in a .NET language are compiled to an intermediate step and use a common language … Read More

Cost cut-backs hit all small businesses. Here’s how you can control those cuts easier

10 Ways to Control Costs in the Tech Department :: http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2010/07/29/10-ways-to-control-costs-in-the-tech-department Don Reisinger published a recent article on CIO Insight explaining how CIOs could help control technology costs. What others can you add to Don’s list?

32-bit vs 64-bit. Who Still Rules The Roost?

Most new computers have the capability of running 64-bit operating systems and so we are starting to see a lot more of them. :: http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2011/02/23/64-bit-musings-32-bit-64-bit-who-still-rules-the-roost :: The principal difference between a 32-bit system and a 64-bit system is what is … Read More

David & Goliath Win with Kia Soul’s ‘This or That’ [video]

For the second year in a row Kia, with the “This or That” ad, has been selected for Nielsen’s Automotive Ad of the year. Everyone has seen the Kia Hamsters and the creatively viral television and Internet commercial for the new … Read More

HTML5 is the new standard for HTML documents

Why Wouldn’t Developers Love this Feature of HTML5?! http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2011/02/02/why-wouldnt-developers-love-this-feature-of-html5 :: HTML5 is currently under development and, though it is not currently due to be fully implemented for over a decade from now, some of its elements are supported in Firefox … Read More

To The Cloud! Will It Work For Your Business?

If we were to pick the IT buzzword of the last two years, it would, without a doubt, be, “cloud computing”.  Microsoft is even running advertisements aimed at end users for their cloud-based software.  Though there is likely a marketing … Read More

Many of the differences between Csharp and VB.Net amount to syntactic sugar

http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2011/02/09/vb-livin-in-a-c-world :: … meaning that they have no actual impact on the code generated. Modules built from any .NET language are fully reversible using the free .NET Reflector and so we can actually take a look at the code generated … Read More

How does Inbound Marketing Software help your business grow?

The fact that you need a Leads Management System is a good problem to have! We can help ::http://jasemarketing.com/inbound-marketing-software :: ease your pain.

JASE Featured by City of Norfolk in 2011 Annual Report

The City of Norfolk (Virginia) listed JASE Digital Media in the City’s 2011 Annual Report as one of the top businesses for New Economy and Expansion in Norfolk. We are very proud to be grouped with other businesses such as … Read More

Don’t have time to blog? Here’s how you can git er done

3 quick tips to help small business owners be smart with their inbound marketing strategies :: http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2010/11/30/dont-have-time-to-blog-think-about-these-inbound-marketing-tips

Happy Easter, Friends

For our JASE family, this Easter day is a time of reflection, to understand why we can give thanks for the many blessings we receive each day. God is good to us and we give thanks and credit to him … Read More

Take a Peek at the Ultimate Inbound Marketing Toolset

Umm, yes. THE ultimate inbound marketing toolset :: http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2010/12/30/take-a-peak-at-the-ultimate-inbound-marketing-toolset :: As in, the one that help your business make money.  

Inbound Marketing Software. Inbound Marketing & Social Media. Lead Management Software.

What is JASE Marketing Manager? :: http://jasemarketing.com :: Let’s go have some fun! JASE Marketing Manager is a web-based Inbound Marketing toolset developed by JASE Digital Media. JASE has been in the software, leads generation, inbound marketing, and brand management … Read More

How To Use Inbound Marketing To Promote Your Event

Over the past few years, JASE has sponsored, helped promote, and actively participated in many offline events. The Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration’s 2011 Annual Symposium is the latest example of this. For each of … Read More