Quicklytics – Inbound Marketing iPhone App – Can it help your small business?

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Memorial Day – We are all grateful

Today as we celebrate Memorial Day with family and friends, we just wanted to take a second to say thank you to all of our service men and women, past and present. Our ability to cookout, go to the pool, … Read More

Inbound Marketing Rap – Keeping Your Business With It – Friday Video

Our world is current, it is instantaneous, it is viral. Because of that we are always looking for new information, and new ways to deliver that information. We found this video a few days ago from Hubspot which portrays a … Read More

Is SEO a Part of Your Organization’s Inbound Marketing Philosophy?

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Coding Standards Holy Wars – Do You Want To Get In The Middle Of This?

When writing source code, it is important to use consistent styles of formatting and variable names.  We call these “coding standards”.  Use of consistent styles within an organization results in code being more easily maintained and more readily reused. Everyone … Read More

Landing Pages – Inbound Marketing’s Closer – As Good As Mariano Rivera

It’s the bottom of the 9th, you’re clinging to a 1 run lead, your starting pitcher has gotten you this far. Now you need 3 outs to win the game. Who are you going to turn to? Your closer; if … Read More

We Are Proud of the Latest Creative Advertising Campaign for Dragas Companies

Our creative advertising and inbound marketing partnership with Dragas Companies has produced many exciting ad campaigns. The latest of our endeavors is on display at Chesapeake Square Mall in Chesapeake, VA. See more of our creative advertising work for Dragas … Read More

Lead Generation – The Ultimate Goal for Your Small Business Inbound Marketing Plan – Are You Doing It Right?

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LinkedIn IPO Spreads Its Wings – Does Social Media Marketing Now Fit For Your Small Business?

LinkedIn went public yesterday with huge anticipation for it’s early results from its IPO. There was a lot of speculation as to exactly how the market would react to LinkedIn’s initial public offering, primarily to serve as a barometer for … Read More

QR Codes in your Ad Campaign? Yes, but where do you use them?

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Norfolk State University’s STEM Day, a great day for future web developers

On Saturday, May 21st 2011, Norfolk State University will be hosting an event for the youth of Hampton Roads. The S.T.E.M. event (science, technology, engineering, and math), will be from 9:30 am to 12 noon, for kids 8 yrs old … Read More

Are scalar User-Defined Functions Ever a Good Idea?

Are scalar User-Defined Functions Ever a Good Idea? In SQL Server, you have the ability to create a user-defined function that can perform an operation directly inline as a part of a query. For example, consider an ordering system, which … Read More

National Small Business Week, Celebrated by JASE Digital Media

Last week President Obama proclaimed this week, May 15th- 21st, as National Small Business Week in celebration of the back bone of our nations economy. He stated, “To ensure the stability of our recovery, we must continue to provide new … Read More

Mobile Barcodes, are you using the right technology for your Inbound Marketing?

One of the best new ways to bring content to your consumer when they are away from their computer is a mobile barcode. Today’s smartphone has the capability to read these 2D images and provide content immediately to its reader. … Read More

1.1 Trillion – Internet Advertising, that is, Not the Budget Deficit

According to comScore, 1.1 trillion ads – that is not a typo – 1 trillion plus ads, were displayed to U.S. Internet users. 346 billion of those ads where on display to Facebook users. That’s an incredible 31% of the … Read More