Microsoft Office 365 Makes Its Global Debut – Is this a toolset for you?

On Tuesday, Microsoft had its worldwide release of their suite of productivity apps for the cloud, Office 365. The cloud-based software places Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync into the cloud. Office 365 will come with all the Office Web … Read More

Bardo in Ghent

Fun business meeting at Bardo Edibles in Ghent. Where has JASE taken you?

Bardo Edibles & Elixirs Norfolk, VA Thanks, Cameron!

Security Management – Exploring Active Directory on Windows Domains

Active Directory is the service used to manage security on Windows domains. In .NET, Microsoft makes available to us a number of classes for accessing Active Directory data. One thing that is extremely important when dealing with Active Directory is … Read More

Search Engine Optimization – Does Your Website Match What Your Customers are Searching on Google?

Your small business has a website. It looks great. Your website has a cutting edge design and you couldn’t be more proud. There’s a question that still remains: Are you speaking your customer’s language? Your initial reaction will be yes, … Read More

Inbound Marketing ROI – Time and Time Again, The Numbers Don’t Lie – $3M Sales/mo Says So!

I read a blog the other day from our friends up north, Kuno Creative, and how they have increased their inbound marketing traffic and leads over 900% during the last 2 years. That feat is astounding and a number most … Read More

Keith Parnell Appointed to the Board of Directors of Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance

Keith Parnell, CEO of JASE Digital Media (, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance ( Norfolk, VA, May 10, 2011: Keith Parnell, CEO of JASE Digital Media (, has been appointed … Read More

The Mariners Museum

We visited the Mariner’s Museum. Where has JASE taken you?

We visited the adventurous and fun Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, VA. Thanks, Sydni!

Does checking in on Foursquare or Gowalla get you in trouble?

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Does your blog encourage discussion?

I was reading a blog the other day from one of our competitors, as we do quite often. I scrolled through a great article on a current topic that I wanted to discuss with a co-worker. So I began to … Read More

Another Day, Another Security Breach

In the news over the last week, names, birth dates, email addresses, and encrypted password hashes were stolen from Sega’s “Sega Pass” network.  (In other news, Sega still exists.)  Several weeks ago, 180 passwords were stolen from an organization called … Read More

How to Measure Inbound Marketing Success – Integrating Google Analytics with WordPress

If you’re like us, you use WordPress for some part of your internet advertising. We happen to use WordPress for our blogging platform and it works well for our needs. We generate a lot of web content as part of … Read More

Old Dominion University Is Cultivating Our Future Engineers

Old Dominion University is reaching out to the youth of Hampton Roads with their Future Engineers Summer Camp. This is a great opportunity for the children and teenagers of Hampton roads to further their interests in engineering. There are several … Read More

Where has JASE taken you?

New York, NY Thanks, Ana!

Sir Walter with His Latest Masterpiece

Walt Taylor, our Creative Director, is seen here posing with his latest artwork. This wall scape has been installed on location at Chesapeake Square Mall for The Dragas Companies. The masterpiece measures 29′ x 11′ on the wall just outside … Read More

Pandora Joins the Public Social Media Train with its IPO

Pandora is primed to take a big step forward with its Initial Public Offering. The music streaming giant is just the latest social media establishment to go public, joining the likes of Fusion-io, LinkedIn, and Yandex; all of which saw … Read More