We went to Burnley Vineyards. Where has JASE taken you?

JASE at the Burnley Vineyards Barboursville, VA Thanks, Keith & Nicole!

Hampton Roads Weekend Ticket: Ring In The 2012 New Year At One Of These Great Events

New Year 2012 is upon us and if you have not made plans to ring in the new year, there are several events going on around Hampton Roads to celebrate. Check out our list below: The Scream Tour – Sat. … Read More

Pinterest – The New Social Community Is On Fire – Will It Serve A Purpose For Businesses In 2012?

The social community Pinterest has blown up in the last 6 months. In August of this year Pinterest had a little over 1.2 million users. After receiving $27 million in investments from venture capitalists, the social community has over 4 … Read More

Become A Qualified Lace Front Wig Consultant

Become A Qualified Lace Front Wig Consultant Form the very early ages the appearance has been an important issue for the people. Decorations could include: pirate hats, pirate eye patches, parrots, invitations in a bottle, treasure chest Party Wigs 2015 … Read More

Big Brands Spend Millions On Advertising To Increase Brand Awareness

One of the most crucial facets of running a business is marketing, offline marketing initiatives and online marketing initiatives. This is evident in how some of the most notable brands spend immense sums of money to achieve eye-catching and effective … Read More

Does Mobile Search Deliver The Same Results As Desktop Search? Google Tells Us The Answer Is No

It would be an easy assumption to believe that if a website ranks high on a desktop search query, it will also rank high on a search query returned to a mobile device. The reality is that it would be … Read More

We went to the Virginia Diner

We went to the Virginia Diner. Where has JASE taken you?

JASE at the Virginia Diner Wakefield, VA Thanks, David!  

Strategic Branding Is The Key To Dominating Your Vertical

 A Strategic Brand Model Helps you identify and capture a dominant market position in your vertical. Increases your marketing reach and consumer penetration. Raises your advertising effectiveness. Our brand model, is the direct result of the implementation of our branding … Read More

Do you really need a GUID in your Database Design?

One of the database design practices that I have seen more and more frequently in recent years is the use of GUIDs for primary keys.  Unless you are implementing merge replication, this is rarely useful and can be both a … Read More

What can I do to help your event be a huge success?

Most of you know that I’m a professional speaker. I am working on my speaking calendar for 2012 this week and have already had several requests to speak at events in the upcoming year. So please shoot me a message … Read More

Small Businesses Must Use Twitter To Grow Brand And Maximize Lead Generation

When used with a solid business strategy, Twitter can be a leader in generating solid leads and traffic for your organization. For several years now, Twitter has been the leading traffic generator to our blog and website of all of … Read More

Mobile Software Company Swype Integrates Dragon Dictation To Counter Apple’s Siri Voice Recognition Software

Most Android smartphone users are familiar with Swype’s keyboard that allows you to type faster than any other possible format. The software has been featured on several Android smartphones and was a big hit for those users who text a … Read More

We went to John Paul Jones Arena

We went to John Paul Jones Arena at UVA. Where has JASE taken you?

JASE at John Paul Jones Arena, home of the UVA Cavaliers basketball team. Charlottesville, VA Thanks, David!  

Social Media Strategies Should Not Make Up Your Entire Inbound Marketing Strategy – Remember Social Communities Are Free

Every once and a while we experience a day when Facebook or one of the other social communities is having serious reliability issues. Other days we are forced to learn a new series of changes to use our social communities, … Read More

Is Your Business Looking To Hire An SEO Firm In 2012? Make Sure You Know These Helpful Inbound Marketing Tips

Search engine optimization can be a tricky river to navigate for a business owner. Many companies know what SEO is and what it can do, but they are often unsure the best way to take advantage of SEO strategies. Naturally, … Read More