It’s official we have said goodbye to 2012. As we focus on 2013, we can’t forget the major impact that 2012 had on social media. We experienced PSY’s “Gangnam Style” garner the title of most watched video on Youtube, the Pope joined Twitter and Facebook went public. What began as a hobby and a way to share your interests, social media has now intertwined itself as a part of everyday life. According to the SEO Company and Newsourcing’s infographic “The State of Social Media” the top social media moments of 2012 were:

  • Todd Wasserman of Mashable found that 3.3 minutes on Google+ versus 7.5 hours per month on Facebook
  • KONY 2012, released to controversy, received 87 million online views
  • Facebook IPO opens at $38 per share
  • 80 percent of pinterest pins have become repins
  • Pope Benedict XVI joins Twitter on Dec. 3rd

If you still aren’t quite ready to let go of 2012, check out the infographic below for the State of Social Media 2012. What was the state of your social media campaign? JASE Group, a leading content marketing and social media firm, can assist your company with taking your social media efforts to the next level. Contact us to launch your campaign for 2013.

pope on Twitterimage credit: lestudio1 on Flickr

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company

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