On the college tour at Wake Forest University

On the college tour at Wake Forest University. Where has JASE taken you?

We toured the campus of Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem, NC Thanks, Nicole!  

JASE Healthcare Websites Allow Electronic Payments For Medical Patients

Convenience is a necessity for consumers today. They do not have the time in their lives that they once had. The same can be said for patients. One way to increase convenience for patients is for a medical practice to … Read More

Will Next Generation Of Web Browsers Incorporate A “Do Not Track” Feature?

It is being reported that when the next version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, IE10, is released it will have a do not track feature built in and already enabled. This would be a major development for digital marketers as we … Read More

Have You Met The New Foursquare?

This week Foursquare launched a new version of their popular geo-location app. This newest version of Foursquare moves them further and further into the social community realm that they have been pushing for. Let’s take a look at the noticeable … Read More

Gain Competitive Advantage by Turning Data into Information

JASE Guest Blogger, Dean Knickerbocker, is the principal at Data Science Solutions, a Hampton Roads based statistical and quantitative consulting group. Dean’s goal is to help local businesses and organizations with the new emerging field of analytics and data science, … Read More

Hampton Roads Weekend Ticket: Outdoor Parties Will Keep You Cool

Another summer weekend is almost here in Hampton Roads. If you don’t have any plans to keep you cool from the heat, check out these events: Saturday Summer Street Fest – Queensway – Hampton – Hampton takes to the streets … Read More

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Tweeting CEOs, Tips To Properly Handle Your Twitter Account

All social media networks are not for every organization however, Twitter does a great job supporting CEO’s and others in leadership roles as they help establish their brand’s voice on social media. There are many in leadership who feel like … Read More

Looking Down the Barrel of The Tide

Looking Down the Barrel of The Tide. Where has JASE taken you?

We love riding The Tide light rail on business trips in Hampton Roads. Norfolk, VA Thanks, Keith!  

Social Media Is Free And Should Be Part Of Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

Last week Twitter went completely down across all networks and platforms for almost half a day. No web browser. No smartphone. No tablet. No Twitter. For that very reason it is hard to make an argument to support social media … Read More

Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Includes Gamification

Your brand’s social media marketing plan will include many facets of online marketing that are tailor made for your business. One of those might be gamification, depending on your audience. Gamification is a strategy that uses the principles of games … Read More

Microsoft Reveals Surface Tablet With Windows 8. Has The iPad Met Its Match?

Microsoft may have just flipped the tablet market on its head. Last week Microsoft unveiled its new tablet, the Surface, and it caused people to stop in their tracks. The Surface tablet will have two operating systems. One version will … Read More

Facebook Gives You A Chance to Redo The Perfect Comment

One of the greatest things about social media is that it’s fast. As you are engaged in two-way communication with your shareholders social media networks give you a chance to quickly reply and have your response immediately available for everyone … Read More

We Ride with the NYPD. Where has JASE taken you?

When you ride with the right crew, good things come your way. Manhattan, NYC, New York Thanks, Dennis!

Growing Agency Looking to Add New Team Members

Content Marketing Associate (Inbound Marketing & Public Relations Teams) JASE Group is seeking a Content Marketing Associate who will support the company’s content-based Inbound Marketing and Public Relations efforts. Reporting to the Digital Brand Manager, the Content Marketing Associate will … Read More

Targeting Potential Customers In The Sales Funnel Increases Sales Conversions

Do you know where your potential customers are in the sales process? Do you know what content to give potential customers to move them along in the sales process? Targeting potential customers in each step of the sales process will … Read More