Finding the Cool Kids . . . On the Social Media Scene

For many businesses, driving traffic to their social media sites can be a daunting task. Finding the balance of  informative, creative content while plugging your product/service can be quite complex.  You want customer interaction on your sites, but how do you … Read More

The iPhone 5 is Alive, but is your Company’s Smartphone App?

“The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” has finally arrived. After two years of rumors (basically since the iPhone 4 was launched), the iPhone 5 is finally here. Amid the excitement app developers and businesses are scrambling to … Read More

What Happens After the Trade Show

The trade show has come to an end and there are no more sponsored events to attend.  All of the networking has paid off because everyone is heading home exhausted with a stack of business cards.  The real value of … Read More

Create An Impactful Daily Deal Campaign

Mobile marketing via daily deal discount sites such as LivingSocial and Groupon have become a popular marketing option for many small businesses. These sites give businesses exposure to thousands of subscribers in their local community.  However, in the words of … Read More

Do You Know Who Your Customers Are? Knowing Your Customer Can Help Increase Sales

All businesses want to improve product development but what is the best way to do that? Researching who your customers are and getting their input on how they use your products is the best way to improve product functionality. Customer … Read More

LinkedIn Rolls Out Updated iPhone, iPad, Android Apps

LinkedIn has rolled out several new updates to include revamping its mobile features on the iPhone, Android and iPad apps. According to a LinkedIn blog post, below are some of the new mobile features: On iPhone and Android: Real-time notifications … Read More

President Obama, Lady Gaga Two Peas in a Pod

What do President Barack Obama and pop star Lady Gaga have in common? Well besides amazing singing voices – remember the President’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live? They are also among the many recent Twitter subscribers that have been exposed … Read More

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – Creative Audience Engagement

It used to be when something amazing happened on television like a major sporting event or the season finale of a popular television show, it was the talk of the office or school the next day. Due to social media, … Read More

The Muscle Behind Referral Incentives

Word of mouth can be an outstanding form of marketing.  People are going to talk about their experiences no matter what so why not offer incentives for those referrals?  They will end up happy to receive the incentive, love being … Read More

What Piques Your Pinterest?

We’ve all heard the rumors. Pinterest is the next big thing. Everybody is using it, it’s gaining users by leaps and bounds, if you aren’t marketing on Pinterest you are missing out…Or are you? Well it all depends. The beauty … Read More

Hampton Roads Weekend Ticket: 30th Annual Bay Days Invades Downtown Hampton

Fall is just around the corner. College football is back and is in full stride. The NFL started its season on Wednesday, with its first full slate of NFL games on Sunday. The weather has started to cool a little … Read More

We are thrill seekers about to ride Apollo’s Chariot. Where has JASE taken you?

JASE about to ride the very tall, very fast Apollo’s Chariot. Williamsburg, VA Thanks Cassidy & Sydni!

Beauty and the Tweet

It’s an enchanted love affair, you and your favorite lip color. After hours and hours of searching for the perfect shade, you have committed and nothing, absolutely nothing will separate you. Whether it’s Loreal, Revlon or some other beauty brand, … Read More

Stopped for a grape soda at The Cheese Shop. Where has JASE taken you?

JASE stopped for a quick grape soda at The Cheese Shop. Williamsburg, VA Thanks Nicole!

Budgeting At the Trade Show

There are many costs associated with trade shows. It is very important to budget and be realistic in projecting those costs related to exhibiting. Calculating all costs will only help determine your return on investment after the trade show is … Read More