PR Professionals Filter Through the Clutter with Newsle

Media relations management is an important aspect of a public relations professional’s arsenal of skills. Just as important as a perfectly crafted media release, is a PR practitioner’s relationship with the media. When pitching a story, it’s important to understand … Read More

Advertising In a Digital World: Adapt Or Forever Fall Silent

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Ad-Supported Landline Phones Launched at Denver International Airport

What’s your worst nightmare in an airport (well besides a cancelled flight)? For me, its a cell phone with less than three percent battery life and no charging station in sight. It happens to all of us, you need to … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving From The JASE Family

Thanksgiving is one of the most special times of the year. A chance for family to connect and spend time together, enjoying fellowship over great food and conversation. We are thankful to live in a country that gives us the … Read More

Online Media Campaigns Offer Measureable Results

Extra, extra read all about it: the print media industry is on its last legs. Over the last decade, print media has seen a steady decline in readership and subscribers. In recent years iconic newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, … Read More

5 Small Business Blogging Tips

Small businesses more and more are understanding the value of spending time  online shaping their digital footprint through social media marketing. In fact surveys show small businesses spend on average 6-10 hours a week on social media marketing. So where do surveys … Read More

JASE Group’s Tips To Writing A Successful Blog Post

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Creative Couture Marketing: The Twitter Dress is Born

The use of celebrity spokespeople for brand marketing is hardly new.  From Troy Polamalu in the Head & Shoulder commercials to Michael Jordan and Charlie Sheen in the Fruit of the Loom ads, major brands consistently use celebrities as brand ambassadors. … Read More

How Much Time Does Your Company Devote to Social Media: Airlines Average 90 hours a Month

In the aftermath of  Superstorm Sandy, many companies are taking a closer look at their social media management and crisis plans. Superstorm Sandy was brutal to the airline industry. Airlines were forced to cancel thousands of flights over several days. After taking a beating from the … Read More

Lights, Camera, Call-to-Action

JASE Group says every website should have one. Once you have it, you are on your way to measuring its success.  An effective website will achieve objectives such as request to fill out a contact form, sign up for your newsletter, … Read More

Facebook Announces Charitable Gifts in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

After the devastation to the Caribbean and the U.S. Northeast coast from Hurricane Sandy, many people, companies and organizations have stepped up to lend a helping hand to the individuals impacted by the storm. Now social media community Facebook has even stepped … Read More

Study: For Teens Social Media Site Facebook Still No. 1

Lately, Facebook has been in the limelight for less than stellar reasons – tanking stock prices, inflated value accusations and theories that Facebook is already dated, to name a few. However, Zuck can find solace in knowing that teens still … Read More

Key to the Perfect Media Release: Pretend Your Audience Is Two-Year-Old Children

Think about the two-year-olds that you know in your life. If they are like the two-year-olds that I know I am sure they are amazing little people. With limited attention spans, they are easily excited and just as easily distracted. … Read More