Volkwagen 2013 Super Bowl Commercial: Drive A Bug And Be Happy

Volkswagen released their Super Bowl XLVII commercial early, being one of the few companies to do so. It has actually caused some controversy as the main actor is sporting a Jamaican accent. The Minister of Tourism in Jamaica was on … Read More

New Tiger & Rory Nike Ad – No Cup Is Safe

Creative respect is due when creative respect is due. Nike recently signed Rory McIlroy to a lucrative deal, approximately $20 mil per year for 5 years, and then proceeded to release a new commercial with Tiger Woods. Tiger has been … Read More

2013 Super Bowl XLVII Commercials Being Kept Under Wraps

Super Bowl commercials have become almost as big as the game. Every year companies vie to have the top, most clever, commercial and to cement its place in commercial history. In recent years, the internet had grown impatient and started … Read More

Lip Synching at the Inauguration and the Public Relations Fail

By now you have heard the news about singer Beyoncé being accused of lip-synching “The Star Spangled Banner” at President Barack Obama’s second Inauguration. Unfortunately, in this post we won’t be able to help you determine whether the rumors are … Read More

Dutch Court Rules Samsung Galaxy Tablets Do Not Infringe On iPad’s Design

Apple says Samsung’s Galaxy tablets rounded corner designs on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablets infringe upon the design of the iPad. Apple felt strongly enough about this situation to take Samsung to court. … Read More

Attract the Next Generation of Consumers Through Social Media

How important is it for your business to attract the next generation of consumers? If you plan on being relevant and succeeding in your business for a while you may be interested in various ways to attract teenagers and milennials … Read More

US Mobile Payments Expected To Rise To $90 Billion By 2017 – Does Your Business Have The Mobile Technology?

In a recent report by research firm Forrester, they stated that mobile payments in the U.S. eclipsed $12 billion in 2012 and that they are expected to reach $90 billion by 2017. The conclusions of the report are listed below: … Read More

Is Your Marketing And Advertising Strategy Fast Food Or Five Star? Can Inexpensive Help Your Small Business?

Advertising, marketing, and public relations are three words understood by every business. Yet, for many businesses these are the three facets that are given the “fast food” treatment and ultimately can prevent these businesses from achieving their maximum potential. There’s … Read More

How Can You Tell If Your Marketing Initiatives And Advertising Campaigns Work? JASE Can Tell You

You invest in marketing initiatives, you launch advertising campaigns, but can you really tell if they are effective? How can you measure the impact of your campaigns? You may generate a few new leads. You may even have a few … Read More

Will Instagram be Selling Your Photos?

There has been a lot of conversation over the last few weeks about Instagram’s updated terms of service. When the initial notice about the terms of service was released on December 18, the internet exploded. Many Instagramers pledged to remove … Read More

From Heads of State to Heads of Companies, Twitter to Dominate Communication in 2013

Twitter is expected to become a de facto communication source for nearly all the world’s leaders in 2013, according to Omar Hijazi, managing partner to Digital Daya. In a recent study released by Digital Daya, the Digital Policy Council found 75 percent … Read More

JASE pens pop up everywhere – even in the Subway in NYC. Where has JASE taken you?

Need to write down directions for your subway trip in New York? No problem – use your JASE pen. Manhattan, NYC, New York Thanks Dennis & Mary!

JASE Creative Team at Cafe Stella talking . . . whatever it is they talk about. Where has JASE taken you?

Brain power. Brainstorming. Creative juices flowing. Lots of fun! Cafe Stella, Norfolk, VA with Cameron, Sue, Walt, Bart & Keith

2012: The State of Social Media

It’s official we have said goodbye to 2012. As we focus on 2013, we can’t forget the major impact that 2012 had on social media. We experienced PSY’s “Gangnam Style” garner the title of most watched video on Youtube, the … Read More

Small Businesses Need a Social Media Plan

Is your business among the 24 percent of small businesses currently using social media? According to a study featured in Small Business Trends, many small business owners don’t use social media at all while others plan on initiating social media … Read More