How To Use Technology to Distribute Your Content

New technology was created for the small business owner. Sure, other people in different professions and lifestyles benefit from technology, but technology makes small business owners winners. When it comes to marketing, technology provides your business with multiple different avenues … Read More

Facebook Unveils Cost Per Action Advertising – What’s A Facebook Fan Worth To Your Business?

Until recently, Facebook has only had two paid options to advertise your business in their social community. “Cost per click” and “Cost per thousand impressions”. CPC, cost per click, has been around for a long time and is just like … Read More

Cool New Samples of JASE Coffee Mugs in Pastels Have Arrived

A new JASE sample set of coffee mugs & Irish pint glasses have arrived at the office this morning. Check out the full selection at the JASE store.

Pigging out at Pierce’s Bar-b-que. Where has JASE taken you?

Is there a better pit cooked bar-b-que joint in Virginia? We think not. Pierce’s Bar-b-que, Lightfoot, VA Thanks, Jennifer & Cameron!

Oysters & Cocktails at Crab Trap on the Gulf of Mexico. Where has JASE taken you?

Where else in the world could oysters and cocktails fill an afternoon better? Crab Trap in Destin FL Thanks, Nicole & Keith!

Brand Loyalty & Word-of-mouth: Two Peas in A Pod

What does your ad agency do for you to inspire “loyalty beyond reason”? Brand loyalty by your fans can be as powerful as word-of-mouth referrals in most cases. JASE Brand & Identity Management image credit: marketoonist

Glowing Client Testimonials Always Make Us Blush: Randy Wright & Associates

Thanks, Randy! W. Randy Wright, Randy Wright & Associates JASE Group is unique in that it offers a multi-media approach to your business needs. In the new Social Network Age they have the ability to communicate with our public and … Read More

Social Media, and Buzz Words, and News Releases! Oh My!

With all the conversation surrounding social media many people forget about the classic and well-known approaches to public relations. Today there are many businesses that have found a great mixture between communicating with the media through social media and the … Read More

Advertising In A Tough Economy – Why Your Business Needs To Advertise To Create Sales

A tough economy can force hard decisions for business owners. When sales slow down and the budget becomes tighter and tighter, business owners are often times forced to make cutbacks in order to increase the bottom line. One of the … Read More

Getting Our Cocktails and Desserts On at Sassi in Ghent. Where has JASE taken you?

Feeding the sweet tooth + delicious bubbly with perfection at Sassi. Sassi Dessert Bar, Ghent, Norfolk, VA Thanks, Nicole & Christie!

Latte with a Glow over Piano Tunes at Cafe Stella. Where has JASE taken you?

Cafe Stella in Ghent is our favorite spot to chill and people watch with a passion. Cafe Stella, Ghent, Norfolk, VA Thanks, Walt!

Your Ad Here . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah

Making your ad stand out from the crowd is quite the challenge in today’s social-minded era. The days of just throwing up a good message and pretty art are gone. The combination of social interaction with a great message and … Read More

JASE’s Cameron Muro to Speak on Education & Athletics at Hampton City Schools 4th Annual Boys’ Conference

HAMPTON VA, APRIL 17, 2013: JASE Group Digital Brand Manager Cameron Muro is scheduled to speak at the Hampton (VA) City Schools 4th Annual Boys’ Conference on Saturday, April 20th. Mr. Muro will be speaking to young men attending grades … Read More

Create a Strategy for LinkedIn to Establish Business Perks

Some of the most recent business and social media studies are showing that companies that are active in social networks are growing faster than those with less or no activity. So what does that mean for your business? There are … Read More

You know that iPad you always wanted? JASE is giving away free iPads.

JASE is giving away tablets – bright, shiny, new, hot-off-the-assembly-line tablets. One is yours for the taking. What do you have to do? What’s the catch? There’s no catch. Simply fill out the registration form here and we’ll get started … Read More