Dilbert: Working Software Today May Not Work Tomorrow

Sticking with our tech theme for the week, does your software solution provider have your best interests at heart? JASE Technology & eBusiness Solutions image credit: dilbert.com

Creating a Formatted HTML Table for Email with T-SQL

We haven’t talked tech in a while on our blog but since a good percentage of our readers consists of programmers and database administrators, we feel the need to sneak in an article or two every once in a while. … Read More

JASE is Hiring – Let’s Have Fun Together

JASE is looking for business development associates in the Hampton Roads area. The positions are commission-only, very substantial commissions. Let us know by tweeting us here or visiting our job opportunities page here if you would like to be considered … Read More

Wealthiest Consumers Prefer the iPhone Over Other Smartphones

Four out of ten of wealthier consumers prefer the iPhone over other smartphones on the market, according to an eMarketer report from a May 2013 Pew Research survey. For households making $75+ per year, 40% of people choose the iPhone … Read More

Friends Visited a Hampton Roads Treasure, Merchants Square in Colonial Williamsburg. Where has JASE taken you?

Merchants Square in Colonial Williamsburg makes for the perfect day trip. And taking JASE along makes the day even more exciting. @ Williamsburg, VA Thanks, Christy, Jen, Jennifer, Laura & Nicole! If you have a photo with a JASE card, … Read More

Whose Word-of-Mouth Is More Important?

Word of mouth marketing is just that – word of mouth. Not your word of mouth. Your consumers’ word of mouth. As much as we like to think we are in control of our brand, we aren’t. Our consumers hold … Read More

JASE Steps Out with Our Friends at Emerson’s Cigars in Norfolk

Last evening our friends at Emerson’s Cigars hosted another event in their Luxury Lifestyle Series. A couple of our team members were lucky enough to have been able to attend the Downtown Norfolk gathering. Keep an eye out here for … Read More

How To Boost Your Local SEO Traffic

We talk a lot about local search engine optimization and local search engine marketing. If you’re serious about making money on the Internet, you need to know the ins and outs of local SEO, or at least partner with an … Read More

3 SEO Tips For Higher Search Engine Ranking for Your Website

Solid SEO strategies are absolutely essential to being a success on the Internet. Through the search engine optimization techniques that we use daily for our clients, a higher search engine ranking is known as the norm. But honestly, a quick … Read More

Do You Have Time for Social Media?

Do You Have Time for Social Media?

That’s like asking, do you have time for advertising? Or, do you have time for marketing? You may not think you do, but if your business is going to be successful then you need to make time. And since there are … Read More

34% of Americans Now Own Tablets

For every 3 people you talk to today, 1 of them own a tablet computer – Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, etc. How does the change your perspective on interacting with your consumers? … Read More

Just like a politician, JASE is a favorite with the babies at a cookout. Where has JASE taken you?

Meet Jeri, of 2nd generation “JA”SE fame. @ Norfolk, VA Thanks, Jeri, Jennifer & Cameron If you have a photo with a JASE card, JASE koozie, JASE shirt, JASE golf visor, JASE pen, JASE coffee mug, JASE pilsner glass, or … Read More

Weekend JASE World Recap: Going Digital, Smartphone Websites for Google, Spence Crossing Websites Launches, Working with a Local Web Design Company, New School Advertising, Mother’s Day in Colonial Williamsburg

What happened this week in your JASE World? Here’s a quick recap. We’re Going Digital! Are you letting the cool technologies drive your ideas? The best campaigns are always idea-driven and consumer-focused, and then the medium falls into place naturally. … Read More

We’re Going Digital!

Are you letting the cool technologies drive your ideas? The best campaigns are always idea-driven and consumer-focused, and then the medium falls into place naturally. JASE Social Media Marketing JASE Creative Advertising image credit: marketoonist