Lining them up at Sam’s Texas Subs Shop. Where has JASE taken you?

Local subs by local people at a local sub shop. Another reason to love Hampton Roads. Norfolk, VA Thanks, Keith & Nicole If you have taken a photo with a JASE card, JASE koozie, JASE shirt, JASE golf visor, JASE … Read More

Customer Input Can Help You Reach Your Target Market

Have you noticed a difficulty in reaching new customers for your business?  Amongst the business owners and decision-makers that we talk to regularly, a common misconception is that their interests and preferences are the same as their customers’ interests and … Read More

brand tshirt

Strategic Brand Model

A brand’s effectiveness and longevity is built less on costs and more on differentiation. In markets clouded with messages, and where a certain level of quality is expected by consumers, brand strategists have to continue to find new ways to … Read More

Do You Feel Like Advertisers Are Stalking You?

If you feel like you’re being stalked more and more on the Internet, you just might be right–by advertisers. Ad retargeting has become a hot-button item again lately. The advertising strategy has been around for quite a few years but … Read More

Strategy Behind the Brand

An effective brand strategy helps you anticipate consumer behavior, differentiate your brand from your competitors on a superior level, and attract loyal customers. The purpose of a brand strategy is to identify and map a plan for the executional development … Read More

Our Friends Visited the American Mountain Theater. Where has JASE taken you?

Our friends visited the American Mountain Theater and we go this not-at-all-lousy photo of a t-shirt. 🙂 Elkins, WV Thanks, Ann & Brownie! If you have a photo with a JASE card, JASE koozie, JASE shirt, JASE golf visor, JASE … Read More

Celebrating 237 Years of ‘Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness’, Happy Birthday America

We live in a wonderful country and enjoy freedoms that others in the world only dream of.  Today we party.  Today we cook on the grill.  Today we celebrate with fireworks.  Let’s enjoy this 237th birthday of the declaration of … Read More