Confused by Facebook & Twitter & LinkedIn & Google+ & Pinterest for Your Business?

Don’t be confused by the glitz and glamor of Facebook.  Successful inbound marketing strategies prove that you want to drive consumers to you, not drive consumers to Facebook.  Use your Facebook page to reach out to your sponges and bring … Read More

Your Inbound Marketing Campaign, Like Octopus Tentacles, Should Lead Consumers Back To The Brain Center

Content Marketing. We hear that term a lot these days. So let’s break down one particular technique of content marketing – blogging for business. Think of your company’s blog as the eyeglass into a socialgraphic world populated by millions. We … Read More

JASE Group is Proud to Announce E.V. Williams, Inc. Website Design Launch

As our engine keeps firing on all cylinders, JASE is proud to announce the launch of a new responsive developed website – optimal performance on desktop, notebook, and tablet – for E.V. Williams, Inc. of Virginia Beach. The launch of … Read More

A View of the Beautiful South Norfolk Jordan Bridge – Where has JASE taken you?

Another of the more breathtaking views in Hampton Roads – the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge spanning over the Elizabeth River, as seen from the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. Norfolk, VA Thanks, Dennis & Mary! If you have taken a photo with … Read More

We Toured Emerson’s Cigars at Hilltop. Where has JASE taken you?

The guys at Emerson’s put on great events, including this one with Montecristo promoting their Epic Premium Selection ’07. Virginia Beach, VA Thanks, Cameron & Keith. If you have taken a photo with a JASE card, JASE koozie, JASE shirt, … Read More

Conversation vs. Push Messaging to Social Networks

A solid social media marketing strategy is imperative if you’re going to dive into social communities like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. When building that strategy for your business, don’t forget to include the conversation into your efforts. JASE … Read More

J.Crew’s Entire Fall Catalog on Pinterest

J.Crew placed their entire Fall catalog on Pinterest this week. If your company relies on visuals to sell, is there any doubt that Pinterest should be a primary medium in your social media marketing plan? Contact the JASE Social Media … Read More

What Role Does B2B Advertising & Marketing Play In The Construction Industry?

The construction industry had one constant in winning contracts for many years-being the lowest bidder. Whether the RFP came from a government office or private company, if your company was able to perform the work and your proposal was the … Read More

We Visited Bright, Sunny Sandbridge. Where has JASE taken you?

Members of our team took a day trip to Sandbridge. Baja Restaurant & Grill was the southern most turnaround point. Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA Thanks, Nicole & Keith! If you have taken a photo with a JASE card, JASE koozie, … Read More

A Word of Warning to Millennials: You Are in The Crosshairs

Millennials will spend more than the Baby Boomers group across the globe by 2017. That fact coupled with that the Millennials are the largest group of individuals in world history, it’s no wonder marketers are trying find the magic sauce … Read More

Your Business’ Advertising Begins With Identifying Your Target Market

The starting point for any business as it begins its advertising efforts is to identify and research the target demographic and socialgraphic. Do you know where your potential customers reside?  Are they online or offline or both?  Do you know … Read More

JASE over the Gulf of Mexico. Where has JASE taken you?

Few photos are so amazing they don’t need a caption. This sunset photo is one of them. Sandestin, FL Thanks, Nicole! If you have taken a photo with a JASE card, JASE koozie, JASE shirt, JASE golf visor, JASE pen, … Read More

Do you dare to drink naked? Where has JASE taken you?

Drinkin’ naked, Naked Mountain chardonnay at Pasha Mezze Norfolk, VA Thanks, Keith & Nicole!

Insourcing: The Casualties of Recovering from Bad Policies

During the mid-2000’s it became very trendy for tech companies to outsource work to programmers outside the U.S. in order to save a few bucks. This New Yorker cartoon pokes a little fun at the situation the migration of workload … Read More