Governor McAuliffe Signs Executive Directive to Strengthen Cybersecurity Protocol

Executive Directive would expand cyber-related risk management activities RICHMOND – Today Governor McAuliffe signed Executive Directive 6 to strengthen the Commonwealth’s cybersecurity measures in order to protect personal information and sensitive data through the expansion of cyber-related risk management activities. … Read More

Google Chrome Will Pause Flash Ads Starting In September

Starting Sept. 1 you can say goodbye to auto-playing flash ads, that is if you use Google Chrome as your web browser. Google has announced that they will begin to pause many flash ads by default to improve performance. Google … Read More

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors: Too Little, Too Late

Microsoft, you’re killing me. Yes, the Surface Phone looks awesome. The specs are nice. And yes, we loved our Lumia 925s. But why would you expect me to wait 3 years for a new phone? Here are the rumor details from … Read More

More Rumors of A New BlackBerry Running Android

BlackBerry hardware + Google OS (Android) = Success? Could this be a good thing for BlackBerry? Will this satisfy that CrackBerry keyboard addiction? Many thanks to our friends at CrackBerry for the images and leak information.

Wine Tasting at Davis Valley Winery

Wine Tasting at Davis Valley Winery. Where has JASE taken you?

Thanks to our friends Scott and Angi at Royal Oak Eye Care in Marion, VA for taking us on a tour of Davis Valley Winery. Lots of fun!

mobile search

Keys to Improving Your Website for Mobile Search

We all know that mobile is the future. Heck, it’s today! More and more consumers of all ages are grabbing their mobile devices to search the Internet for what you’re selling. The final sale may wrap in your store or … Read More

JASEball With The Tides at Harbor Park

JASEball With The Tides at Harbor Park. Where has JASE taken you?

We enjoyed quite the afternoon with the Norfolk Tides at Harbor Park this afternoon. Several professionals from around Hampton Roads met us and 5,000 of our JASEball loving friends to network and watch the Tides take on the Durham Bulls. … Read More

Facial Recognition App

I need a facial recognition app for my phone. When I run into people and I can’t remember their name, I need to be able to snap them and have the app scan my LinkedIn and Facebook friends for a … Read More

Do you let yourself be risky with business decisions

Do you let yourself be risky with business decisions?

Risks can be dangerous. Strategic risks can be the best thing that ever happened to your company. We explore that fine line quite frequently. A risk at least deserves mindmapping its possible benefits. cartoon source: marketoonist

Madden NFL 16

I just got a peek at the Madden NFL 16 game, which was released today, on Bloomberg TV. Wow. The graphics are amazing.

Amtrak announces later weekday morning departure time for Norfolk service

Passengers departing Norfolk, Va., can sleep a little longer as the weekday departure for Northeast Regional Train 84 from the city moves to 6:10 a.m. beginning on Aug. 31 Passengers departing Norfolk, Va., can sleep a little longer as the … Read More

Tracking Girl Scout Cookies

Tracking Girl Scout Cookies. Where has JASE taken you?

We set out on a mission to track down our favorite office snacks. Success! Thanks, Carin. Which Girl Scout cookies are your favorite? Thin Mints? Samoas? Do-si-dos?

Keep Your Email Marketing Campaign Rolling

Email marketing is huge. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%. So, how do you capitalize on that list of email addresses you’ve been hoarding? Here is a … Read More

no internet privacy

The Internet Is Public. Don’t Forget It!

I recently ran across an article titled, Everything you say and do is public. Sometimes I forget that people don’t always realize that there is no real privacy on the Internet. What you write on Facebook is there, forever, for … Read More

Google Android’s New OS Named Marshmallow

This one is for the Android fanbois. Your OS finally has a name. For a while Android’s new OS, in development, was just called “M,” but now it finally has a name, “Marshmallow.” In keeping with tradition, the new OS … Read More