Managing your brand is a full-time job

We know you have a business to run. We know you don’t have time to manage your brand the way it deserves. Our team is ready to step up for you! “Let’s get on the crazy train with Ozzie. Get … Read More

Shout-out to Belmont House of Smoke

Wow, what a great meeting this morning with the Belmont team: Dave, Rich & Jennifer. We are proud to be brand partners with Belmont House of Smoke in Ghent!

Giving Back to The Startup Community and Other Small Businesses

I get asked quite a bit about the low pricing of our Small Business and Restaurant marketing packages. We look at it this way: We help startups and small businesses get rolling, so that one day we’ll be their branding … Read More

JASE Office Business Manager is coming to your front door

You service industry guys are in for a treat — a POS without the POS cost and POS pain-in-the-a$$ lack-of-features. JASE Office Business Manager will be your best friend in no time.


JASE is blowin-it-up in CosmoTopics

Check it out. The new JASE ad has come out in this quarter’s CosmoTopics. You want these guys on your team. Get up with us here.

JASE with BizConnect Hampton Roads at Music Go Round

We attended the BizConnect Hampton Roads coffee at Music Go Round in Virginia Beach. Met tons of new friends and business owners.

Wondering why you’re getting your butt kicked?

Don’t sweat so much what millennials think. Don’t worry so much what baby-boomers think. Get out there and put your name in the public for ALL of them to see. Brand awareness and brand trust is imperative. “Live there, man. … Read More

JASE Visit to BizConnect Hampton Roads at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens

Visiting the Hermitage Museum & Gardens for BizConnect Hampton Roads. Join us next time.

An Open Letter to Will Christopher, President of Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance

I hear you, Will Christopher, fighting for the economy in Hampton Roads, public transportation, light rail, and progressive citizens everywhere. I feel your energy. I’ve got your back.

How do I stay out front? How do I make sure that people know me?

I get asked this question all the time. What can I do to make sure that people recognize me? Get out there, man. Get your face out in the public. Get your company logo out in the public. Get out there.

Magazine Art for Coelacanth Brewing Co in Norfolk, VA

Groovy Magazine Ad Designs for Coelacanth Brewery Co.

Our creative team had a lot of fun with these two ads for Kevin at Coelacanth Brewing in Ghent. These will stand out well in Hampton Roads Growler and Get It In Ghent magazines.


GM-Lyft Partnership Lead Driverless Cars Pack to Congress

The United States Senate is hearing case studies and arguments today from the driverless car industry. The GM-Lyft partnership is testifying for their case on government regulations. Oddly missing from today’s hearings is Uber, which is about 10 times the … Read More

Draft Services of Virginia

New Business. Same Trust in JASE. Draft Services of Virginia Partners with JASE Creative

Draft Services of Virginia Names JASE Creative As Advertising Agency of Record NORFOLK, VA, MARCH 10, 2016: JASE Group, LLC is proud to announce a creative partnership with Draft Services of Virginia. JASE Group, a creative design, communications and technology … Read More


Marissa Mayer tells Charlie Rose that Yahoo! is way undervalued

We all like to joke on Yahoo! Facts are that Yahoo! is a very special company and has been one of our most important tech companies for decades. How did Yahoo! become the tech punching bag? Do you use Yahoo! … Read More