email spam

Are you missing emails? You probably are and don’t know it. Check those #spamfilters

When was the last time you checked your spam folders for missing emails? If you’re running business communications through email, you should be checking both your Outlook spam folder and the server’s spam folder at least once per day. If … Read More

Congratulations from Virginia Lieutenant Governor on TDCHR Appointment

Congratulations from Virginia Lieutenant Governor on TDCHR Appointment

I received a very thoughtful congratulations letter from Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam on my appointment to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads. Thank you, sir. Again, I am very humbled. Commonwealth of Virginia Office of the Lieutenant Governor … Read More

Hampton Roads Crossing Study

Endorsement of Hampton Roads Crossing Study Option D, build it all approach to relieving transportation congestion

The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board is looking to formally adopt a solution to help relieve transportation congestion in Hampton Roads. Four options for the Hampton Roads Crossing Study are being considered. In the meantime, the Virginia Department of Transportation will release … Read More

JASE Open House

Thank You #HamptonRoads! You make us blush

We had an open house this morning at the JASE Studio for 65-70 of our friends and family from across Hampton Roads. The gathering was in conjunction with a member event by our friends at #BizConnectHR. Thanks everyone who attended … Read More


Who am I? What am I good at?

Are you constantly re-evaluating yourself? I do. I am. And I do the same thing with my business here at JASE. I’m re-evaluating right now. I will know by the end of the hour what we are good at today … Read More

Virginia Beach with Christie & Nicole

We went to the beach with Christie & Nicole. Where has JASE taken you?

Summer is for sunshine and ocean, right? Thanks Christie & Nicole for taking us to Virginia Beach!

Governor Terry McAuliffe's Office

Virginia Governor McAuliffe Appoints JASE Group CEO Keith Parnell to Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Keith Parnell, has been appointed by Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads. Keith will serve as the City of Norfolk’s Commissioner to the TDCHR, the governing … Read More

JASE Facebook ads

Facebook Ads for your restaurant, oh boy, where to start

We know your restaurant menu is dynamite and we know people will really like the food. We just need to get the message out to the 1B+ Facebook users. Here are a few tips that will help your restaurant fight through … Read More

Radio and TV Are Most Popular Medias Among U.S. Adults

Did you know? Radio is more popular than TV according to Nielsen

When was the last time you actually paid attention to the data? Most times true numbers will surprise you if you look closely. Good thing you have us on your team to keep your marketing and advertising strategies in order. … Read More

most expensive domain names is #1. is #10. How much would your domain name sell for?

Top 10 most expensive domain names in history $90M is quite a chunk of change. Where would your domain name fall? #10 Sale Year: 2010. Sale Price: $13 million. #9 Sale Year: 2008. Sale Price: $15 million. #8 Sale Year: 2008. Sale Price: … Read More

July 4th by the numbers

July 4th weekend means a lot of grillin’, a lot of booz, and a lot of fireworks

Be safe this Independence Day holiday weekend. The JASE Studio is closed for the week to allow our team to spend time with their families and recharge. Please be careful during your celebration festivities so we can enjoy your smiling face … Read More