Downtown Norfolk

Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer Luncheon September 2016 @ First Presbyterian Church

Gathering with my brothers and sisters in Christ at the Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer Luncheon to celebrate the leadership talents God has given us and to talk community unity. On September 28th, our honored guest and speaker will be Norfolk’s … Read More

Connect Hampton Roads Join The Movement

Connect Hampton Roads 2016 Survey, a chance to win an iPad 2 Air

Imagine a future with a variety of ways to get around Hampton Roads. The goal of the Connect Hampton Roads movement is to support outcomes that are essential to the region’s long-term success. Please take a moment to fill out … Read More

Genius move by Snap, the artist formerly known as Snapchat: Spectacles

This is world-blowing. This is practical. Is your target audience under 25? This medium by Snap is genius. Did you see their new commercial for Spectacles? Imagine one of your favorite memories. What if you could go back and see … Read More

target audience

Do you know where your audience (the decision-maker) lives?

Did you know that 90% of top-level executives (the people that make a decision to buy from you or not) live on their email “regularly.” More than 60% of them are on LinkedIn, 55% on Facebook, and 40% on Twitter … Read More


Growl Fest with friends at Virginia Zoo

We got to hang with some fun friends at the Rotary Club Growl Fest at the Virginia Zoo. We even ran into our buddy Kevin Erskine from Coelacanth Brewery.  

JASE, A Branding Agency 01 Facebook PPC

What’s your brand doing on Friday evening?

Do you leave your brand at the office? Let me ask you a question – – isn’t your brand how other people perceive you? Do you think people stop looking at you just because the weekend is here? If your … Read More


Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads September 2016 Board Meeting at Hampton Roads Transit

Will I see you there today? The Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads is HRT’s governing body. It consists of 13 members, one elected official and one citizen representative from each city served by Hampton Roads Transit, the chairman of … Read More

Tastebuds Popcorn

Visiting with our friends at Tastebuds Popcorn in Virginia Beach #jaseclient

Not only are we excited to sit down with our new client, Tastebuds Popcorn of Virginia Beach, but anytime we get to talk advertising strategies is a good day. Have you seen our work? Check us out at JASEGALLERY.COM 


Chillin’ at O’Connor Brewing Co

Enjoying a cool, refreshing adult beverage at O’Connor Brewing Co.


Dirty Plates at Dirty Buffalo #jaseclient

Lunch with friends and family at the world famous Dirty Buffalo. Can you tell we were hungry?


Dinner with friends and family at Supper Southern Morsels

Fun dinner over Ed’s menu at Supper Southern Morsels. 

3d printed wedding ring

Ready to 3D print your wedding?

Weddings come at a steep price. According to the planning site, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $32,600. The great promise of 3D printing is that it’s more affordable at scale than handmade goods … Read More

3 wise men

Norfolk Cosmopolitan Club luncheon @ Norfolk Yacht & Country Club

Wish you could have joined us today for our Cosmopolitan Club luncheon. Our guest speaker was Kevin Erskine of Coelacanth Brewery in Ghent. If you’d like to join us for a luncheon which we hold twice each month or a … Read More

Pandora One

Pandora Radio is changing things up. Are you a Pandora fan, Spotify fan, Amazon Music fan?

Pandora teases on-demand music while launching Pandora Plus with offline listening. The age of Pandora One is over. Pandora Plus is rolling out soon with unlimited skips and replays, as well as an offline mode for $5 per month. Get … Read More

Peninsula Corridor Study

Is mass transit coming to Newport News & Hampton?

Is a mass transit system like light rail coming to the Peninsula? Hampton Roads Transit said they started planning one earlier this year. HRT wants a system that connects the two major cities: Hampton and Newport News. But what would … Read More