You will hear a lot about lead generation strategies in business. But it’s smart to figure out what works for your business in your industry. If you’re having difficulties and finding frustration in your results, here are few reasons that may fit your current world.

You’re not blogging consistently. Creating fresh, steady, relevant, keyword-rich content on your website/blog is probably the most important action you can perform in today’s SEO strategies. Ignoring this task just because it takes too much time can be catastrophic in many ways, including wasting your precious money. Content that you own, on YOUR website, should be your top priority for driving successful lead generation.

You don’t have a follow-on social strategy. You’ve created great content. Your website traffic is beginning to increase. But that’s not all you can do. Promote your awesome content in the social communities. Share your articles on Facebook. Share them on Twitter. Share them on LinkedIn. Share the content on Pinterest and Instagram. Share your videos on YouTube. Create an email newsletter campaign to reach an additional audience. But remember–all tentacles must reach back to the source–your website/blog. Reach out; connect with that social audience; and bring them right back in for the conversation.

You’re not being patient. Being awarded a priority position in the Google and Bing search engines is not to be taken lightly. It takes work and it takes time. Not to mention, if your website has been penalized for any reason in the past by the search engine giants, it takes more time to get your website out of hock. Be patient. Create solid cotent that your audience will find valuable. And your website will become the lead generation machine you’ve been hoping for.

JASE has worked with many clients on lead generation strategies over the years with some resulting in generating 750+ leads per month. The process works when you follow a few very important rules and implement the proper strategies for your industry. Let’s grow your business together. Contact one of our team members today to start the conversation.

lead generation: failure & opportunity

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