seo teamSolid SEO strategies are absolutely essential to being a success on the Internet. Through the search engine optimization techniques that we use daily for our clients, a higher search engine ranking is known as the norm. But honestly, a quick bump in Google’s search engine results is as easy as following a few SEO tips that can be found on the Internet. What JASE’s team of SEO consultants provides to our clients is a foundation of solid search engine optimization strategies implemented consistently over time that nest you deeply into Google’s and Bing’s search indexes.

Here is a short list of SEO tips that we stand by when constructing a solid SEO foundation.

  • Content is King. Did you hear that? Yes, content is king. Still. With the release of Google’s newest Panda 2.0 updates, quality, keyword-rich content is critical to your success.
  • Choose Your Keyword Phrases Strategically. Do your, or have an experienced SEO firm do, keyword research thoroughly. Understand your market and understand your competitors. Relevant keyword phrases used smartly throughout your website content, satellite entities, and URLs can work wonders for high search engine rankings.
  • Inbound Links are Queen. If content is king then inbound links to that quality content are definitely queen. Do your link building from outside your website but be careful, you don’t want to be known by Google as a black hat SEO. But that’s a topic for another conversation. Just know that search engine spiders will use both internal and external links to your content to help rank your website high in the search results.

We have many more techniques that are used to build a solid SEO platform but these will do for now. If you want to achieve higher search engine rankings consistently over a long period of time, these SEO tips will get you started. Of course, if you need assistance with your SEO endeavors, feel free to call upon our SEO team to help you build that solid foundation.

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