Many companies have different reasons for updating their websites. Last week’s post mentioned the need for a facelift or redesign based on an outdated look of the website.

Often, an updated website can result in decreased page views, decreased consumer use and ultimately a decline in business.

It’s important to constantly analyze where business is coming from and determine what factors users like about your website. Once you have an analysis of your website you will have a better understanding of how to make your website work for your business.

A lack of page views or visits to your website may be the result of poor visibility on Google search results. It may also be the result of ineffective information on your website. If you have neglected your website since its initial creation you might find a website that no longer fulfills the needs of your business, possibly even creating a decline in your business.

These factors make a major difference in regards to the success of your business online.

Here are a few ideas to include in the redesign of your website:

Focus on your brand: A perfect time to redesign your website would be simultaneously with any re-branding efforts. If you overhaul the look of your brand including colors, images used in marketing, wording used with your brand and more, you should include those changes on your website as well. Consumers should be able to look at information about your business and see a uniformed presentation of information across all mediums.

Create content for consumers and Google: Make sure the information on your page is written for your consumers but also written to attract visitors to your page. According to recent research, 62 percent of search users use results from the first page of search results. Similar research found that 77 percent of search users prefer organic content over paid listings. Create quality content on your website that uses the appropriate balance of SEO tactics to increase your website’s rank on search results that pertain to your business. This will help with lead generation for your sales team. Redesigning your website to attract people looking for your business will increase your direct leads and sales.

Add a blog to your website: The easiest way to create a lot of organic content on your website is by blogging. Blogging frequently about quality information that pertains to your business will bring more traffic to your website. Use your blog to show your expertise in your industry. The more content you create and the more SEO tactics you use in your content, Google will likely increase your rank in search results.

These three simple ideas can significantly change how your business is viewed online. If your current website design is not helping your business, you will know based on the numbers. Increase website traffic and increase business with a website redesign.

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image credit: by Roche Photo on Flickr

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