shared with us 5 ways to help fight those pesky hackers that want to do nothing but disrupt our lives. These are rather simple tasks and precautions, but let us know if you need a little assistance with your network security.

Set strong passwords.
Use passwords that are at least 12 characters long, have upper and lower case letters, and contain symbols and numbers. Change them frequently, at least four times a year.

Protect your router.
Make sure the router password is a strong WPA2 password and hide your network from appearing in the network list.

Update your software.
When a notification appears to update software, do it right away!

Disconnect devices when they’re not in use.
This may not be realistic for some, but for devices housing your most important personal and proprietary information, such as your laptop, do your best. This include smartphones!

Avoid public internet networks.
Do you know when you connect to Starbucks’ Internet, and it makes you “accept the terms” of agreement before it lets you log in? It’s basically saying that you are completely unprotected from any and all malware and hackers out there. Don’t do it if possible.

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