Small businesses more and more are understanding the value of spending time  online shaping their digital footprint through social media marketing. In fact surveys show small businesses spend on average 6-10 hours a week on social media marketing. So where do surveys say they are spending the most time when it comes to social media marketing?  Small Businesses understand the value of content, but finding content to share is the most time-consuming social media task. Find out more through fun infographics showing a break down of small business and social media here.So if blogging for your business is going to be such a time consuming task, what are some important things to keep in mind and what are some mistakes to avoid?

5 Simple Blogging Rules For Your Small Business:
  1. Consider opening your blog up to employees. Chances are a different perspective and enthusiasm they offer will be appreciated by different readers.
  2. When writing a blog stick to one topic and consider interaction as key. A good blog will encourage an action meaning that based on how popular it is, it will inspire people to act on a call-to-action.
  3. Adopt a mantra of ‘genuine and authentic’. Look at this task of creating authentic, organic content around your brand and company as an opportunity to further inform readers about your service or product. A well planned out program is armed with multiple angles to bring in new content from product news, company happenings to industry news.
  4. Look at the task of blogging and creating content for your company as an opportunity to tell your story. Outside of the service or product your company provides, there is something to be said for the organization that puts in the hard work every day to solve solutions for clients or provide products to consumers. Find out what your story is and how you want to tell it and grow from there.
  5. Finally, chances are you have a point of view that is unique to your experience and that can be valuable to what you have to say. Do not forget to include your own opinion if it is based on your experience whether it goes against what you hear others saying. Sometimes standing out on what you know can gain trust and loyal followers.
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  1. Candice Bluski

    These are very good rules to implement into my small business blog. Thanks for this awesome advice!

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