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Think of your agency’s blog as the eyeglass to a socialgraphic world populated by millions. We all know that blogging, inbound marketing in general, can be a daunting set of tasks. For starters, where do we start? Who do we target? How do we target our sponges? What tools that are available to us will be most effective and efficient for our shrinking budgets?

During the old days of advertising, these questions were easier to answer. Today, with the onslaught of Googlers and Bingers, the new world of power online marketing is not always in the marketing department’s toolbelt.

JASE can help you when you get to that point, but here are five items outlining how blogging will support your insurance agency marketing campaigns and sales goals. And YES, blogging is where you should start.

  1. Search Engine Optimization. Our team preaches two main concepts of inbound marketing – content, content, content and inbound links. The top way to improve your SEO rankings is to increase the number of inbound links to your web entities (insurance agency website and blog). In order to increase the number of inbound links, you must create quality content for your website and, more easily and frequently, your blog so others will want to link back to you.
  2. Lead Generation. In order to fill the sales funnel with active tasks for your insurance office sales team, you must have a steady source. For JASE, our blog leads the way for inbound traffic that generates leads that fill our sales funnel. The majority of our inbound traffic leads are directly sourced from our informative blog articles.
  3. Executing Brand Strategies. JASE centers itself around 4 major talent areas – Inbound Marketing, Brand Management, Creative, and eBusiness Solutions. The values we live by, products we produce, and the services we provide are communicated regularly on this blog. If you want to understand the JASE brand, simply read through our Digital Media Blog. We should be able to say that about your company.
  4. Public Relations. The old days of publishing a press release to your database of fax numbers is gone. You hear us? Gone. Your blog can be, and should be, your shouting box to the world. Think socialgraphics. Share new products, uncovered statistics, breaking news, and educational advice through your blog posts. Then follow them up with an email to your database of contacts that include relative news organizations.
  5. Social Media Optimization. Think of an octopus with tentacles. At the end of each of your tentacles is a social community of your sponges – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, etc. Leading back into the main brain center of your octopus is your blog. And all trails lead to your brain center. We know you are already active in social media. Just make sure your social media interaction leads those potential clients back to your brain center where you can 100% control the conversations and more successfully guide those generated leads into your sales funnel.

photo source: lunkwill42

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