business blogWe have written several times on the benefits of blogging and how the increased website page numbers and amount of quality content can boost your rankings with the major search engines. So now that you’ve bought into our inbound marketing strategies, let’s talk about ways you can help your blog be successful.

  1. Schedule time to work on your blog. The quality content within your articles is not going to magically appear. Just as you would any other aspect of your business that has a clear rate of return, allocate the time to make it work for you.
  2. Build your network. This is where a solid social media marketing campaign can support your direct business initiatives. Build that Foursquare network. Build that Twitter network. Build that Facebook (business) network. Build that LinkedIn network. Then share your blog’s content with those networks of trusted friends.
  3. Do your keyword research. Don’t leave out this very important task. Your blog will not be successful without a purpose and focus. Keyword research and analysis performed against the habits of your potential customers is a must-do before starting to write content.
  4. Use your call-to-action widgets wisely. Point your blog visitors to more information, contact collection webforms, free eBook downloads, t-shirt giveaways, etc. Don’t let your visitors get away without knowing who they are.
  5. And finally, use your other ongoing initiatives to promote your blog. Include excerpts of your blog content in your company newsletters. Add tidbits of your blog material to your tweets and LinkedIn statuses. Be creative to help spread the word about your blog.

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  1. Anthony - the Indianapolis Parks Guy

    I would say that taking the time to actually write comment, while laborious, is probably the single biggest factor. If you can afford a good, cheap writer then more power to you.

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