why blog?Ever ask yourself why you should blog? Ask no longer.

Here are 8 great reasons why you should be blogging:

  1. Blogging gives you a rockstar voice. Use it!
  2. Blogging can work wonders in creating, managing, and molding your brand.
  3. Blogging provides a way to create meaningful conversations.
  4. Blogging can, and at times be a primary tool to, help with reputation management.
  5. Blogging can help you be fundamentally successful with inbound marketing, link building, and lead generation.
  6. Your competitors are already there!
  7. Your potential customers are there.
  8. A few influential statistics:
    1. 73.6% of North Americans are on the Internet*.
    2. 83% on Internet users watch videos online**.
    3. 49% of Internet users use a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) every day***.
    4. 73% of Internet users read blogs**.
    5. For companies that blog versus non-blogging companies****:
      1. 126% increase in monthly leads generated.
      2. 55% increase in visitors.
      3. 97% more inbound links.
      4. 434% more indexed pages in the search engines.

If these points, and especially the statistics, don’t convince you that you should be blogging, I give up. Let’s do it. Send me your blog address. If you do, I promise that I’ll put you in my Google Reader and keep up on your activities.

* source: Internet World Stats
** source: Universal McCann
*** source: Pew Research
**** source: Hubspot

Image credit: crystaljingsr

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  1. dawn miller

    I like how you say ‘rock star’ voice! Good article

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