blogging for businessWe have written here several times on blogging and general ground rules for writing on your business blog. Here a few more tips on helping your blogging efforts become successful.

  1. Worry about your looks. If your blog is not organized and does not follow your existing branding guidelines, people will not find you attractive. Pay attention to the cosmetics.
  2. Comment on other blogs. We talk about inbound links all the time. Commenting on other popular blogs and leaving links back to your blog articles is a great way to build inbound traffic.
  3. Use media in your blog posts. Add images to your articles. Add video to your articles. Tons of text with no personality makes Jack a dull guy.
  4. SEO! Know it. Understand it. You don’t have to be an expert but understand how and why you need organic traffic that Google can send your way.
  5. Proofread your copy. Not everyone is a grammatical genius. Actually, there not too many grammatical geniuses in the world. But grammar and spelling can quickly discourage your readers from returning to your blog for more information. Microsoft Word has wonderful spell checking and grammar checking tools. Use them.
  6. Blog on a schedule. It doesn’t matter what the schedule is or how often you decide to blog. Just set a schedule so your readers can know when to expect new content.
  7. Keep track of your visitors’ comments. Reply back when someone comments on your blog articles. Even if in a private conversation like we sometimes do, don’t ignore your visitors.
  8. Write killer headlines. What would strike the interest of your readers? Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and ask yourself if you would click on that link with that headline.

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