9/11 We Remember
9/11 We Remember

On Sunday September 11, 2011, JASE Digital Media will be taking it’s website dark for 24 hrs in memorial of those who lost and sacrificed their lives in the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

This great nation was rocked to its core on that horrific day by the acts of a cowardly organization. Thousands of people died, millions of people were affected, a war was started because of this unconscionable act. Yet we Americans have stood strong. Our foundation was shaken, our resolved was tested, but we did not fail, we will not fail.

So as this most sullen of days approaches your JASE Digital family asks that you to take a moment of silence to honor those who were lost and those who have given their lives to protect this country everyday since in the name of freedom.

We also ask that you take a moment to reflect on this great country and how that one day that one moment we all became brothers and sisters. Thank you and God Bless The USA!


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