This is a seventh part in a series on ‘Getting the Most From Your Marketing Research’ from guest blogger Chris Bonney of Bonney & Company. Bonney & Company is a full-service marketing research firm, providing a full range of custom marketing research services to businesses, government agencies and organizations in the non-profit sector.

honestyJust as marketing researchers come in all shapes and sizes, so do questions. A good researcher will propose and help you sort through the kinds of questions that will best meet your needs. But as you think about and look at questions, consider:

  • Good questions allow respondents to identify with the question and find themselves in the responses.
  • Good questions use the language of the target audience.
  • Good questions do not force specific responses. They make “yes” and “no” equally okay.
  • Good questions make it easy for respondents to be honest.
  • Unanswerable or ambiguously worded questions are a waste of time and money. (They also insult the respondent.)

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