Choosing the Right PR Firm For Your Business

When looking for a public relations firm to represent you, it’s important to know what they can handle, and if they are the best fit for your business. Like any partnership or relationship communication is key to success. Asking your firm how they handle media pitches is an appropriate question to establish whether or not the firm is a perfect match for you.

Recently, Ragans created a list of tips to pitch to a TV journalist. After reading the list, we came up with a few tips of our own to share with you.

  • Understand your media market.

It’s important for your PR firm to understand your media market and the personalities that work within your market. Many media professionals have dislikes and interest that make it easier to pitch specific stories to them. Learn more about the media professional you are pitching to and you will create the perfect personalized pitch.

  • Incorporate social media when appropriate.

Watch the social media patterns of the media professionals you hope to pitch your stories to, in an effort to decide if social media will help or hurt your efforts. Many journalists are tweeting now and can be reached on Twitter through direct messages. Many TV personalities have professional and personal Facebook pages; make sure to pitch to the right one.

  • Be aware of technology limitations.

Know what devices your media professionals are using often to determine the best way to pitch your information. There are many reporters that are in the field reporting so often that they are only using their cell phones or tablets. These devices can significantly change the way long messages are displayed.

  • Create a concise pitch that delivers your message accurately.

When your firm pitches a story on Twitter or in a message intended to be read on a mobile device it has to be quick, accurate and an attention grabber. Many reporters are no longer at the desk and need quick information that can get them the story first.

If you are curious about your firm’s ability to handle these PR pitching suggestions make sure to ask. Communicate your needs and expectations to the firm to make sure you find the perfect match for your business.

Contact JASE for more information on a PR and reputation management strategy from JASE Group. Together, we can build a plan that works best for your business.

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