Managing finances in your small business can be difficult. Trying to determine where to save and where to spend can often force you to make some costly decisions.

When it comes to public relations, the efforts you make for your business should be strategic, just like any PR plan your business enforces. PR for your small business is more than your assistant creating a few news releases and hoping that the information ends up in a few local papers.

A strategic public relations plan for your business will be researched and well planned to fit the needs of your audience, product or service and your stakeholders.

If you believe a single press release will get you results, here are a few tips to make your news releases better:
  • Stop using phrases that are not true- Phrases like: for the first time ever and best-in-class/best-of-breed often signify a proven fact that may not be true. Once a fact is stated, your business should be able to show proof that the fact is true. The phrases are overused and don’t add value to your release.
  • Keep it simple- Use language that is common. Don’t overwhelm the audience with difficult language. Get to the point, deliver your message and then close the release.
  • Be prepared for feedback- You are sending the release for a response so be prepared to answer media questions and be able to respond to public response.

If you have something coming up you will need more than a single release from your secretary or office manager. Many projects will require multiple releases, a social media campaign, an opinion piece in the local paper, your expertise on the subject in radio appearances, blogs and more. Without a strategic public relations plan your business will not reach its full potential through PR.

Make an investment in your business and seek external PR help from a team that knows  how to strategically get your message to the appropriate audience. Visit the JASE public relations page to learn more.

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