About.me is a social profile network that creates an online business card for its users. The website links with all your other social media networks, allowing you to meet different people in various networks.

The website recently announced that it will be expanding its services to appeal to its mobile users. About.me has released a new iOS app that will work on mobile devices and allow users to find other users that are close.

Like other social media communities, the move to a mobile device will surely increase traffic to the website. With added traffic, there will be additional benefits for small businesses interested in joining the website.

  • Websites allow you to personalize designs in an effort to match your brand.
  •  Profiles provide analytics for your page.
  • Connect other social media networks to your About.me.
  • Provides additional opportunities to engage with consumers.

The occasion to share more about your business at no cost is a golden opportunity. While all social media does not result in automatic sales, it’s best to know what options are available. Do you have an About.me account? What are some the advantages of using the account. Let us know below. Contact JASE to expand your social media marketing plan.

about me windowimage credit: Add rien on flickr

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