If our job in advertising is to constantly stay on top of the advertising world and provide leading edge services for our clients, then adaptive marketing is the ability to tailor advertising strategy to meet the customers’ needs based on real time data and be able to respond in real time. The two, advertising strategy and adaptive marketing, are not one and the same. Adaptive marketing seeks to take the advertising strategy an extra step by connecting every aspect of the marketing mix in order to create a deeper connection to the brand.

Both President Obama and presidential candidate Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign were seen responding in real time to voter polls and feedback from their speeches. In pointing out each candidate’s campaign’s quick reaction across multiple media platforms, we see an example of adaptive marketing. Both candidates were observed testing out a message in a speech and then based on the reaction from the audience, were seen quickly orchestrating television ads and twitter feeds to reinforce their message sometimes as soon as the the speech concluded, in the case of Twitter. If it didn’t work, then back to the drawing board and a new twist or different message was worked out. Adaptive marketing means being flexible enough to try something out and then being open to throw it out if it doesn’t work or nimble enough to react quickly if it sticks.

Responding to a customer’s comment can do wonders for a brand’s reputation and its customer loyalty but by the same token disappearing when it comes time to make an impact can be damaging. Some companies are setting up social media command centers armed with people ready to monitor their brands. The centers are designed for real time monitoring, analytics, engagement and then acting intelligently upon the data coming in.

In this style of approaching the marketing process of being ready to react intelligently and instantly from data coming in, it might look like this: 

  • Based on branding, message and campaigns, compile a library of images ready.
  • Flesh out call-to-action approaches and have them on hand to choose from.
  • Approach marketing with being more experimental with media and open to change.
  • Centers specifically designed for monitoring all social media activity around your brand, company and industry.
  • Strategies for creating real time relevant content ready campaigns.

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