Amazon's Web Strategy Continues To Drive It's Success

I read a great article from Brian Halligan of HubSpot the other day about Amazon and the web strategies they have employed to make them the #7 overall most visited site in the world. This list of the top 10 websites for unique visitors is compiled by and has all the usual suspects in its list: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, just to name a few.

Listed at #7 is Amazon and in Halligan’s article he goes on to list 3 reasons why Amazon has succeeded with its current web strategy.

1. Use the Crowd to Create “Segments of One” – Amazon makes your visit specific  to you with recommendations based on your history

2. Create Tons of Content – Amazon has over 248,000,000 pages in Google’s Index, all with keyword SEO

3. White Space is Over-Rated – Web design is not the most important issue, being effective is


Well unless your business focuses around online retail, it wouldn’t make much sense to copy Amazon’s plan verbatim, but its web strategy does transition to all segments of business.

“SEGMENTS OF ONE” – Retail or not, your use of landing pages is how you can mimic what Amazon does with their shopper interactivity. Having landing pages designated for each segment of traffic specializes the level of interactivity with your website. For example, if your visitor is coming to your website from a pay per click ad, have a specially designed landing page for that ad. This process associates that your speaking to them and not just funneling traffic to one generic landing page.

CREATE TONS OF CONTENT” – Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. You can never generate too much content for your website. Each time you create a piece of web content , i.e. a blog, video, white paper, you create an opportunity for customers to find you. Amazon has 248 million pages, you probably cannot create that many pages, but you can create content specific to you laced with SEO based keywords.

“WHITE SPACE IS OVER-RATED” – Your website has to be specific to who you are as a business. Sure there are guidelines to designing a website, but everyone does not fit into a cookie cutter mold. Your website has to be an effective tool for the segment you live in. If you are an artist, a graphic designer, or an interior decorator, balancing white space takes away from your effectiveness to illustrate your talents, by trying to design a website that would work for a Wall Street Broker.

How you interpret your web strategy for your small business will directly impact the success you receive from your website. Research will show you who your consumers are and what they are looking for, adjusting your web strategy accordingly will lead them to you.

Website design is a talent that we pride ourselves on. Give us a shout and let’s talk about how website design and effective inbound marketing strategies can help generate business for your organization.

image credit: dsearls on flickr

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