Establishing your brand is the first step to successfully marketing your business to consumers. As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, and Entrepreneur created a list of the secrets of the top 10 brands.

  • Get personal: Amazon- Created a strong brand that resulted in the highest brand trust ranking.

Takeaway- Amazon consumers know they can quickly search for a product at a decent price. They are consistent and allow customers to tell them how they feel with reviews. Do the same for your consumers. Provide them with a valuable experience where you welcome their opinion. They will learn to respect and trust the brand.

  • Sell Happiness: Coca-Cola- Since the beginning the brand has promised to make consumers happy with their coke.

Takeaway- Coca-Cola’s brand is linked directly to happiness, what emotion does your product or service evoke with your consumers that you can tie directly to your brand? Figure out how your brand makes consumers feel and make sure it is a part of your branding strategy.

  • Live up to your promise: FedEx – Ranked highest in ability, consumers know that FedEx is reliable.

Takeaway- FedEx does its best to deliver your products unharmed and on time. Its consumers appreciate it by continuing to use the brand. Make sure you deliver on any promises your business makes. When consumers know they can depend on you they will continue to support you and recommend your brand to others.

  • Keep it cool and fun: Apple- Consumers wait anxiously for new Apple products because they are usually smart, sleek and innovative products they can be used for business and personal communication efforts.

Takeaway-  Is your brand something that consumers crave? Find  something about your brand that makes it unique to consumers, so unique that your consumers find the attribute, cool.

  • Design an experience: Target – Through ads and the structure of the store, Target has designed an experience for shoppers that wanted more than the average discount store.

Takeaway- Target stands out amongst its direct competitors. Make sure your brand can be distinguished from your competitors. You should establish a brand identity in everything that represents you including; ads, website, social media and the design of your online and physical store.

  • Stay consistent: Ford – The Ford logo and brand has been a consistent brand in the minds of consumers since its inception. The brand ranked high for stability and dependability.

Takeaway: Once your brand is established be consistent. There is no need in constantly changing your brand as the times change, especially, if you have established a strong, trustworthy brand. If your branding plan is not working change your plan so that you can establish a brand that best represents your organization.

  • Can-do attitude: Nike – Self-empowerment is Nike’s main brand attributes. They believe their consumers are capable of doing what they desire.

Takeaway- Believe in your consumers. Your brand should make consumers feel confident in their purchase. Encourage consumers to purchase the right products so they can be confident in their decision.

  • Forge connections: Starbucks – The Starbucks brand has always focused on bringing people together. The brand used this to differ themselves from competitors.

Takeaway- Build relationships with your consumers and allow them to build relationships with each other. Use the relationship you have with your consumers to build a niche in your industry.

  • Serve up the quirky: Southwest Airlines- Southwest has created a brand that is completely different that many in the airline industry. Although different, the industry has found a way to succeed.

Takeaway- Think outside the box when it comes to your business practices. Staying in line with a branding plan, figure out ways to make your brand stand out in a unique way while still succeeding in your industry. There is never a need for duplicate businesses, only one will prosper.

  • Focus on the customer: Nordstrom – Ranking high in customer service, Nordstrom’s brand is known for concern for the customer and quality products.

Takeaway- Remember that your business thrives off of  consumer support. In everything you do make sure that your customers feel that their needs are being met and that they are appreciated. Find ways unique to your brand to show your concern and appreciation.

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Target Logoimage credit: Mr. T in DC on flickr

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