One of the benefits of social media is its instantaneous nature. Several of the popular talent shows on television today, like NBC’s the Voice, have adopted social media interactivity with its followers during the live shows. This strategy has paid huge dividends for these television shows, but strangely enough American Idol was not involved, until this season.

In season 12, American Idol finally decided to get involved with live social media interactivity with its judges, and social media sparked fire as usual. Judge Randy Jackson was wearing a Betty Boop pin on his sweater during a recent show, it was so interesting that it started trending on Twitter, and it even prompted several followers to tweet Jackson find out the origins of the pin. So he pinned an image of the pin on his Pinterest account, of which he is a big fan/user, so that everyone could see the pin. The ripple effect was enormous.

This phenomenon had me thinking:

How many businesses use social media during events they are hosting or attending?

Social media is great way to promote an upcoming event or cause, but how many businesses invest in using social media while actually at the event? Social media can be just as powerful a tool during the event as it can be for promoting an upcoming event. For the casual blog reader, more than likely, you have stumbled across a live blog or tweet recapture article from some event that the particular company was attending or hosting. This is huge for brand exposure and depending on the event or the topic it could even take the exposure larger than anticipated.

Business Takeaway

A business must use every opportunity to increase its brand exposure. Tweeting live from events, posting pictures to Flickr or Pinterest create an opportunity to connect with your followers. It is often times easier said than done, but the businesses that dedicate the time and manpower to make this happen are the ones who see the ROI.

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Randy Jackson Betty Boop Pinimage credit: Randy Jackson on Pinterest

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