With social media becoming so integrated into everyday life, it’s hard to remember life before sites like Facebook and Twitter. What did we do before we liked our friend’s posts and retweeted their thoughts? And how much time are we really spending online using social media?  Morrison & Foerster recently released a study on Americans’ social media habits, the study found that social media now accounts for 18 percent of time spent online.  Below are other highlights from the story or checkout the Growing Impact of Social Media Infographic
  • The monthly average time a person spends on social networking has more than doubled between 2006 and 2011 – from 2.7 hours to 6.9 hours.
  • Most television viewers multitask while watching TV: 61 percent of viewers surf information online while watching TV; 29 percent  reported using Facebook while in front of the TV.
  • Males and baby boomers are the fastest growing segments of the population of social networking users  – growing more than 9 percent between July 2010 and October 2011.
  • Facebook tops social media communities as the most visited site: On average Facebook users spend 6.75 hours on the site each month – twice the amount of time spent on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus combined.
  • More than half of Americans now have a social-networking profile  – American social media profiles increased from 24 percent in 2008 to 56 percent in 2012.

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Facebook Cartoonimage credit: stonysteiner on Flickr

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