Every ounce of data that a company can analyze creates a competitive advantage. The companies that are successful are usually ones who are able to effectively analyze data and remain flexible to ever changing market conditions.

Predictive analytics company Medio Systems is set to debut a new productive suite for businesses called inGenius Suite. inGenius Suite will be able to process massive amounts of data to identify possible revenue opportunities in customer usage patterns on connected devices.

The suite is based on a set of predictive algorithms that gather and analyze the real-time information, such as location, device type, and application usage, with customer propensities and interest. Medio states that its suite is targeting developers and publishers in gaming, retail, finance, mobile, and entertainment. Medio is also claiming that they have 105 million unique users and currently tracks 550 million daily events.


A business must know where its consumers are and what they are doing at all times to know how to effectively reach them. Having an analytics suite like inGenius would definitely be a beneficial tool. Better knowing how to strategize marketing efforts by consumer data would allow for better targeting of advertising campaigns, in turn, increasing sales.

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