The rumor mill is churning out its newest tidbit of gossip, Facebook is developing another “Facebook Phone”. Its last installment, the HTC Status, was pulled from the shelves only months after it was released, due to limited success. The new “Facebook Phone” will supposedly further integrate Facebook with the smartphone and incorporate all the quality applications that work well on the computer but have been difficult for mobile operating systems.

It would appear Facebook feels the pressure to create a mobile phone that can unleash the full Facebook experience on a mobile device. The pressure may have been ratcheted up due to Twitter’s seamless integration into the new iOS5 and Apple’s success with the iPhone. Facebook has to be looking to create a smartphone that represents the market share they hold on the social media industry, meaning, this potential grandiose phone that gives its users never before seen control. Perhaps, as a contrasting thought, just creating seamless integration with access to all Facebook applications across all the smartphones operating systems would give Facebook the results they are looking for, instead of creating a Facebook phone.

Would you buy a “Facebook Phone”? Would creating a phone that integrates fully with all of Facebook’s features make your social media experience any better? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know what you think.

Facebook Phoneimage credit: nateog on flickr

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