The War For Mobile Internet Usage Comes Down To Apple Vs. Android

Last week at the iPhone 4S launch, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook displayed a slide that said Apple had the leg up over Android in the mobile internet usage department. Today, comScore released the numbers to shed some light on who is actually winning*.

In terms of mobile internet usage by subscriber, Android has 43.7% of the market*, with Apple at 27.3%*, and RIM in third with 19.7%*. But where Apple’s claim is validated, is in terms of driving traffic. In that regard, Apple drives 59% of non-PC based traffic* in the US compared to just 32% for Android*.

Mobile internet usage is critical information to know and understand to inbound marketers, as long as you understand it properly. *Some mobile phone makers compress data and some do not, meaning data usage is not an exactly accurate representation of popularity.

Mobile internet usage is just a portion of the data elements available in analyzing mobile leaders. We rely on knowing what platforms users/consumers are using, so that we can better facilitate our clients reaching their consumers. Let us know how JASE can help you market to the ever-growing mobile community.

Is your business focusing its marketing plan in mobile applications? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to the JDM blog to gain more tips and insights on mobile consumer marketing.

image credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi on flickr

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