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Are Super Bowl ads going digital? According to a recent article by Adweek, more and more companies are leveraging the power of online advertising to compensate for the increasing price of tv spots during the Super Bowl.

Dan Greenberg, CEO of the ad exchange Sharethrough, noted that digital campaigns in the run-up to the Super Bowl can build buzz for a brand, as well as the spot it will air during the telecast. Out of the more than 50 advertisers that ran a Super Bowl-related campaign via Sharethrough last year, 75 percent also bought a TV spot. “It’s beyond promoting the video assets—it’s about promoting a much larger story,” Greenberg said.

Businesses are becoming more aware that merely acquiring a tv spot for an ad will not mean success for their business. You have to have a product or service that works and a story that connects with your audience. A digital ad campaign gives your company an opportunity to tell a larger story on multiple mediums.

What do you think? Is it enough for a business to have a Super Bowl ad in 2015? Or have our consumers become more digital? Tweet us your thoughts!

image credit: Cronkite News

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