According to an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, the number of college students that own tablets has more than tripled since last year. A survey by the Pearson Foundation asked 1,206 college students and 204 college-bound high school seniors about their tablet purchases. The survey revealed that students believe tablets will replace textbooks in the next five years.

Another industry that will be changed by the use of tablets is construction. A recent article from TechCrunch explained that tablets are the first computers that are usable in the field. The article talked about how tablets will streamline much of how construction handles business in the field. A couple of the benefits construction companies will experience is that tablets will help cut down on paper used for blueprints and make communication easier between all the parties involved.

So what does this mean for your business?

Tablet usage is increasing in both personal and business applications, meaning that your business must be visible to the tablet world. A company must have their website and content geared toward all types of computers. The 2012 Local Search Usage Study found that almost half of all tablet users use tablets to purchase something from local businesses every week. Is your company website prepared for the increase in traffic?

An inbound marketing plan will help your business in various ways:

  • An inbound marketing plan begins with creative content that drives consumers inbound to your business’ website.
  • Inbound marketing qualifies leads that contact your business based on the content created for your business. Each consumer that arrives at your site is there because they searched for you.
  • An inbound marketing plan also includes an assessment on the success of the plan through analytics research and ROI calculations.
  • Additional key aspects of an inbound marketing plan include brand management, search engine optimization, web development, re-engagement planning, and more.

To find success as technology changes and consumers adapt, invest in an inbound marketing plan. The investment will prove to be a pivotal move in your company’s success. Contact JASE to determine how an inbound marketing plan will help your company. Let JASE help out your friends too, share this article with someone you know.

Business in the Tabletimage credit: Bene* on flickr

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