How important is it for your business to attract the next generation of consumers? If you plan on being relevant and succeeding in your business for a while you may be interested in various ways to attract teenagers and milennials to your business.

A great JASE Inbound Marketing plan can be tailored for your business to attract potential consumers to your online presence. If your business could benefit from the attention of the next generation of online shoppers a JASE Inbound Marketing plan is what you need.

A recent informal study of 1,000 teens (ages 13-18) and milennials (ages 19-25) was conducted on their use of the social media communities Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

If your current marketing plan doesn’t include any of these social media communities, it’s time to call JASE.

  • Teens used social media more than their older peers. Social media is not a fad and the next generation of online consumers are investing a lot of time to the medium.
  • Facebook and Tumblr account for 90 percent of the time teens spend online. Regardless of Facebook’s current stock numbers, they are not going away anytime soon and they still have the attention of teenagers. The use of Tumblr shows that teens are willing to look at some form of blogging. Attempt to add a blog to your website.

If your current marketing plan doesn’t include social media, it’s time to call JASE. We can create the perfect JASE Inbound Marketing plan for your business and drive business to your website.  Let’s make your business a succeed that will be available for generations of shoppers.

Invest in the future of your business and contact JASE. Allow JASE to create the perfect inbound marketing plan for your business.


kids on internetimage credit: by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on Flickr

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