BlackBerry & LinuxEver wanted to tether your Linux notebook to your BlackBerry? Well, now you can.

Barry is an open source application that allows you to tether your Linux machine to your BlackBerry for Internet access, to synchronize data, backup and restore, and program management.

Here is a list of Barry’s possibilities from their website:

  • Charge your Blackberry’s battery from your USB port.
  • Retrieve Address Book, fake emporio-armani watches Email, Calendar, Service Book, Memos, Tasks, PIN Messages, Saved Email, and Folders.
  • Export Address Book contacts in text or LDAP LDIF format.
  • Make full data backups and restores of your device using a GUI.
  • Synchronize contacts and calendar items using the OpenSync framework.
  • Use the Blackberry as a modem.

To download Barry to your Linux machine, click here.

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