The Boston Consulting Group published a report in January that said by 2016 the Internet’s economy will be a $4.2 trillion opportunity fueled by 3 billion internet users. The report said that in 2010 the Internet’s economy accounted for $2.3 trillion or 4.1% of the G-20 countries’ combined gross domestic product.

BCG’s report went on to say that developing G-20 countries already have 800 million Internet users, which is more than all the developed G-20 countries combined. Also, social networks reach about 80% of users in developed and developing countries, and that mobile devices will account for four out of five broadband connections by 2016.

The numbers that the Boston Consulting Group presents in its report are staggering, but this only confirms the transition to an online world. These numbers also show the accelerated transition to the online world and businesses must be conscious of that fact when planning future strategies.


Whether we pass or fall short of these numbers predicted by the Boston Consulting Group, the Internet will continue to increase in accessibility, popularity, and connectivity. If your business does not have a firm presence online or if your business is not taking advantage of the power of an inbound marketing strategy, your business will miss out on a $4.2 trillion opportunity.

Inbound marketing allows your business to capture the power of online marketing and fuse it with today’s necessary traditional marketing. The best part of it all, the JASE Inbound Marketing Model allows your ad spending to become totally measurable! No more guessing at what is working and what is not.

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Money At Handimage credit: Don Hankins on flickr

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